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The IScan D104i is a structured white light scanner producing 3D model data suited for the highest demands. It is designed for exact determination of implant positions, so that the resulting 3D data is used as a basis for the computer-aided design of complex implant-based structures such as screw-retained bridges and bars.

Gert Mullens, ProScan, Belgium
Apart from its high accuracy and open architecture, this scanner particularly stands out due to its ability to calculate implant positions inside the system.
Pieterjan Ghekiere, Dentwise, Belgium
To be able to deliver the highest quality to our customers, we need a scanning device with high accuracy and reliability. Imetric scanning systems deliver both requirements above expectations. All scanners offered by Imetric 3D have open interfaces, which is highly important since it gives us the flexibility we need in the rapidly changing world of dental CAD/CAM. At the same time, we benefit from scanner integration with selected software solutions that ensures validated, safe workflows.

Technical Specifications

Model IScan D104i
Technology Heterodyne phase shift-based structured white light combined with photogrammetry
Scan volume Diameter 100 mm, up to 70 mm height
Scan speed (single die) Approx. 40 sec
Scan speed (full arch model) Approx. 4 min
Resolution Two cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixels
Data quality:
< 5 μm (depending on surface of object)
< 10 μm (depending on surface of object)
< 20 μm over complete arch for surfaces, < 5 μm at 1 s for implant positions scanned with Imetric certified scan adapters according to Imetric testing standard
Scan indications Impressions, dental models and check-bites, wax-ups, high-accuracy determination of implant positions and orientation with scan adapters
Multi-die scanning Yes
Dimensions 450 x 450 x 610 mm
Weight 20 kg
Calibration Proprietary calibration technique for highest accuracy
Supervision of calibration status and temperature
Data output Binary STL, Implant positions in XML


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