Semi-finished products for dental medicine.

Nacera® Pearl for fully anatomic restoration work

The highly translucent Nacera® Pearl zirconium oxide by DOCERAM Medical is a material with extraordinary levels of light transmission for fully anatomic prosthetics and with excellent aesthetic properties. It is designed for full and partial crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers up to 14-unit bridges. The generic material concept of the "Pearl colour range" offers users seven basic colours plus white.

Benefits of dyed blanks:

  • Economic benefits because the individual immersion process is no longer necessary and because of the use of dye liquids
  • Colour-proof and process-proof due to the homogenous dyeing of the blanks and assured constant colouring results
  • Quick and flexible use for a wide range of indications

Indications for Nacera® Pearl:

  • Anatomically reduced frameworks for veneering in the area of front and side teeth
  • Monolithic crowns and bridges
  • Telescopic and attachment technology
  • Abutments and screwed constructions

QA and product certifications:

  • Certificate of conformity CE 0044
  • DIN ISO 9001
  • DIN ISO 13485
  • Certificate for Directive 93/42 EEC Annex 2
  • Certified according to the requirements of the Canadian conformity assessment system (CMDCAS) via Health Canada
  • Approved according to FDA 510(K) (USA) for Nacera®
  • QA system in accordance with the Japanese quality management regulations No. 169

Nacera® Shell for framework structures

Nacera® Shell by DOCERAM Medical Ceramics are reliable materials for all free CAD/CAM systems. Our certified manufacturing process ensures the production of uniform blanks with regard to both the material properties and the colouring. The components are available in white and two other colours. Apart from caps, anatomically reduced crowns and up to 14-unit bridges (except for Canada where bridges may contain up to 6 units), telescopic work and attachments, Nacera® Shell is also used for implant-supported bridges and bars.

Top quality for perfect aesthetics

Our product range centres around Nacera® ceramic blanks for CAD/CAM machining in dental technology. This brand acts as a centrepiece for our global development, production and distribution of semi-finished products for dental technology applications. Our Nacera® blanks are available in many colour nuances and - as a translucent material - fulfil the highest aesthetic requirements. The base material is yttrium-stabilised zirconium dioxide, which we dye with an iron oxide-free pigment in minimum concentrations and then process into blanks under isostatic pressure.


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